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Abby Adams lives next door. She hasn’t been your neighbor long, and so far, you’re loving it! Why? Your apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows. Abby is an exhibitionist, and never shuts her blinds! Abby is nude practically all the time! You’ve got great views of Abby, whether she’s cleaning her place naked, or taking a shower or getting ready to go out for the night. Since Abby doesn’t shut the blinds, why not enjoy the show!? It’s obvious Abby loves showing off!! Here’s the funny thing: Abby’s been watching you as much as you’ve been watching her! Abby knows your love of porno, and she loves watching you jack it from her place! Today, your neighbor Abby is about to take it to the next level!


Product Description

That Neighborly Deed!, starring amateur adult model and professional companion Abby Adams, opens with—of all people—porn star Brooklyn Chase. But don’t let that fool you. The star of this show is, indeed, Abby. Why start the video with Brooklyn? Simple—Abby’s next-door neighbor is Mr. POV himself, and Mr. POV loves watching dirty movies…and Brooklyn’s one of his favorite stars!

Since she lives next door, Abby can see everything Mr. POV does, whether he’s watching T.V. or jerking to porn. Consequently, Mr. POV can see everything Abby does, whether she’s getting ready for a night out, or doing her household chores…which Abby prefers to do naked!

With that simple plot, director Billy Watson has made a great, 27-minute dirty movie. Billy explains:

I met Abby Adams through a mutual friend. He’s what you call a “hobbyist”, and Abby is a companion. She also stars in adult films, but more on an “amateur level” than a “porn star”. Does that make sense? Here’s the thing about Abby — she’s a total pro. From showing up on time and ready to work to giving a dynamic performance, Abby’s simply terrific. I’m glad I got to work with Abby, and I look forward to doing it again! She’d make a terrific addition to both ManoJob and my blowjob site, The Dick Suckers!

After Abby catches Mr. POV jerking to Brooklyn Chase porn, she takes over. Abby’s cock sucking skills are great, and her ability to improvise her lives and deliver terrific J.O.I. / J.O.E. puts her right up there with the pros!

Abby gets naked and pounded doggy, before going through all the positions and cumming more than once. Abby finishes the job like all the girls in Watson’s skin flicks, taking a tremendous load all over her face. The hottest part of the video? Still covered in Mr. POV’s ample seed, Abby, in true cum slut fashion, rubs one out to end That Neighborly Deed! Get it now in 4K UHD!

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