Ashley Adams in Don’t Tell My Mother


When you married Ms. Adams, you knew her daughter, Ashley Adams, was a handful. You could never imagine what happened to her after she turned 18. Not only was she trouble, but her sexuality flipped on like a light bulb. The day after she turned 18, she’s walking around the house in panties and a wife beater with no bra, and she’s either making suggestive jokes or staring at your crotch. Always when your wife—and Ashley’s mom—is away. Today it’s about to go down. Ms. Adams is on an extended business trip, and you’re home early… to Ashley masturbating to a dirty mag. And that’s only the beginning…


Product Description

“Don’t Tell My Mother!” is all you hear when you catch Ashley Adams touching herself. She’s been caught, and in a pretty precarious situation… but she’s horny, and she’s eager to see where this goes. It’s your lucky day, and Ashley’s going to treat you to some incredible head, followed by a messy facial that she’s ever so grateful for. This little barely legal slut is a hot little brunette with a shaved pussy, big natural tits, and a killer J.O.E. game. What more could you want?

After she realizes how much trouble she’s in, her need for cock outweighs her sensibilities. Oh no! She wants you. She needs you. Bad. She’s begging for it, and you’re all too happy to oblige. Are you ready for the young and seductive Miss Ashley Adams to take care of you? Need a little teaser before she gets started? Take a look at the trailer below.

  • Clip Length: 18:44
  • Sex Act: Blowjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

Don’t Tell My Mother Trailer


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