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Casey Calvert is better than ever! Casey came by the bachelor pad in order to entertain you to the very best of her abilities. This on demand video starts with Casey’s mastery of J.O.E., aka jack off encouragement. Her ability here is absolutely second to none. But it doesn’t stop there. Soon, she’s half-naked with your cock in her mouth, kissing and sucking and licking. That’s when Casey asks you to fuck her. Her cunt is sopping wet—surprising how excited Casey gets for your dick. But the cunt isn’t enough… is it? Today Casey is offering up her sweet ass just for you. It’s a tight one, but once you’ve worked it in, Casey delivers an anal orgasm before milking you to completion. Grab this downloadable video now and the BTS for free!


Product Description

Director Billy Watson writes: I remember the first time Spiegler (Casey Calvert’s agent) called to say he had an extremely hot, new, great model model coming in from Florida, and I needed to book her immediately. As usual, Spiegler was right on all accounts.

This begins the relationship Billy Watson has with Casey Calvert. It’s a relation that not only extends across his family of adult websites (ManoJob, Mr. POV and The Dick Suckers), but Billy directed Casey many times during Billy’s days at the Dogfart Network. Every single scene turned out great.

This POV anal video, Casey’s Sweet Ass, is one more killer scene in the can. This incredible video on demand anal scene is the latest to drop from Mr. POV, and I swear, once you watch it, you’ll think you actually banged Casey’s asshole. The scene starts with Casey on all fours, at the edge of Mr. POV’s bed, seductively talking directly to you. I swear Casey has one of the sexiest voices in the Jizz Bizz. Not three minutes in, and it’s Casey’s version of “JOE” — jack off encouragement — and it’s hot as fuck. “Do you want to see my tiny little cunt?” Casey coos  the 2:50 mark, and honestly, I love when sluts say the “c word” so much, I almost busted.

Mr. POV makes his entrance at the 4:45 mark, and one of the reasons this dude is my favorite POV guy is he keeps his fucking mouth shut and his hands off the models. Now I’m in the driver’s seat! At 7:10 Casey is licking her hand to jerk…which turns into cock sucking. As you probably know, Casey is a sexy little brunette with natural tits, a shaved pussy, no tattoos, and a penchant for incredible oral, dirty talk, and cock stroking skills. And again, Mr. POV lets Casey put on the show; it ain’t about him…it’s about her, and that’s why this POV content speaks to me.

Other scene highlights? At 14:21, Casey is taking Mr. POV’s cock and rubbing it into her engorged clit before finally sliding into her sopping wet cunt; at 22:01, Casey is on her back and pulling her butt cheeks wide in order to show off her beautiful, brown star. It’s got a little big of a gape already, and I’d imagine Casey’s butthole, on set, must smell a lot like Easter Brunch. Or your mom’s apple pie.

Casey has no issues about where the cock goes and what order it happens, so dick to cunt, dick to ass, dick to mouth, it’s ON. At 31:02, Casey milks a thick, white load from Mr. POV’s ball sac, and then proceeds to eat it.

Casey Calvert is a porn star who knows what what the fuck she’s doing, and while that might sound stupid, there’s a whole lotta bitches in Porn Valley who don’t. Yea. I said it.

In this Casey Calvery anal scene, the best ATM ( ass-to-mouth ) part is at the 24:11 mark.Fucking hot.  Definitely check out Casey Calvert in this full-length POV (point-of-view) scene ASAP! Plus, get the BTS (behind-the-scenes) for free! Check the stats and the trailer:

  • 32:52 of point-of-view sex
  • Fucking, sucking, and anal action
  • Hand job cum shot finish

Casey’s Sweet Ass Trailer


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