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Chloe Cherry (previously known as Chloe Couture) is a very popular adult actress who stars in Legit Clip’s “Jerk with Cherry!” This video first dropped at This is a hand job fetish video, for adults only, and it features Chloe performing “jack off encouragement” and talking dirty from start to end! There’s eye contact from Chloe from start to end. Chloe “finishes” her co-star, Mr. POV, using only her hands. He doesn’t touch his dick in this video once. Mr. POV gives Chloe a big cum-shot, splattering her face and getting cum in cute, blonde Chloe’s mouth, too!

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Cherry Couture became Chloe Cherry right after she got a cease-and-desist from some corporate entity claiming ownership/right to “couture”, which, to me, sounds kinda impossible. From an online dictionary: cou·ture /ko͞oˈto͝o(ə)r/ — “the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements.” The reason I bring this up? Well, fans love to know as much as they can about the porn star they’re fanatical over; so, if you knew Chloe Cherry was a couture before a cherry, but you didn’t know why…well, now you do. And all you know is Chloe’s a cherry, well…yea. That, too.

Thirty seconds into this clip, when beautiful blonde Chloe Cherry leans into the camera and says, “so…are you getting horny for me yet?” I wanna scream YES! cause, after all, I was horny for Chloe the second I hit the PLAY button on my screen. And trust me when I tell you this: Chloe delivers. DWiz, one of the members at ManoJob said, “Woah!! This performance by Chloe should be the BLUEPRINT for future scenes!! Slight variations in themes (Girl Next Door, Babysitter, Escort, Stripper, Step-Daughter, Daughters BFF, etc.) But bottom line, hot chicks talking to us about jerking us off while edging stunt cock to an explosive finish like this is where it’s at!! Kudos Chloe and Billy for a new standard with this scene. Have all future girls view this before they go on camera.”

“Billy” is Billy Watson, the director for all our scenes. But fuck him, on to the clip: Puffy nipples. They drive me nuts. Chloe has them. What doesn’t she have? A single tattoo. Nothing wrong with them, but damn, I love a girl with no ink. Chloe starts sticking her hand up her dress about 4:30 in, and her white panties RULE. Her trimmed bush that she loves to play with…but Chloe doesn’t use the word “masturbate.” Miss Cherry likes to “jerk her clit” when it’s time to play with herself. By 5:30 in, she’s got her favorite vibrator out, barely touching her engorged clit until she cums.

Her orgasm is a little less than 10:00 in, which, at that point, she gets on her knees and crawls to you. Why? First, to give you a little more “JOE”, cause she loves to watch a man jerk his dick off. Then, Chloe starts putting in her work. After a bit of jerking cock, Chloe raises to give some more JOE and get down to her panties. Oh! Did I mention how much I love the way her hairy cunt hangs out of her panties! About 16:00 in, Chloe will get some ass grinding in, first in panties, then out. When she’s grinding nude in your lap, she’ll ask you “does it feel good on my cunt?”

Yea. Chloe uses the “c word”.

The only thing Chloe loves better that referring to her trimmed bust as a cunt is the reward you paint all over her beautiful blonde face. She’ll do it, too. Every wonder why all the dudes in Porn Valley end up jerking it at the end? We did, too…that’s why there’s never a “self-stroker” in our movies. You won’t hear the male. You wont see him, either. It’s just you and Chloe Cherry. You’re going to love this video, especially since we don’t re-bill your credit card! So what are you waiting for…jerk with Chloe!!

  • Video length is 26:09 … this is the full, uncensored movie from our members’ area!
  • Ms. Cherry finishes the job using just her hard in the video. There’s also heavy teasing, dirty talk, and ass grinding!
  • Chloe loves using the word “cunt” and loves her natural tits and puffy nipples and tit fucking!
  • She is finally rewarded with a big “money shot” that gets all over her faced and in her mouth (also known as CIM).

    “Jerk with Chloe!” official trailer:


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