Hope Howell in Gag Reflex


Hope Howell embraces her role as super slut, porn star, and all-around naughty girl. You might remember she’s the girl who fucked at 15,000 feet…literally. She made national porno news by banging a dude while skydiving, and while today’s blowjob scene might not be as crazy as that, I’m gonna bet our scene is better. Hope’s a world-class slut, and once you hear the JOE that comes out of this girl’s mouth, you’re gonna be a Hope Howell fan…unless you are already!


Product Description

Hope Howell loves sucking dick, and in this clip you’ll get to watch Hope as she tests her gag reflex. I wouldn’t call Hope “petite“, but she’s not really tall, either. Hope is an all-natural, brunette beauty without any tats! Hope keeps herself freshly shaved, and her mouth is always ready for action. Hope told us right before she stepped on set that orally pleasing a man is something that’s always turned her on. It’s her way of showing how much she loves to give. Since she’s submissive, the act of dropping to her knees is part of the tremendous turn-on for Hope. Go ahead and shoot it on her face, too. Hope loves being used like a little slut, and when you’re done, don’t even thank her. She prefers you just walk away, leaving her a complete and utter mess.

  • Clip Length: 16:21
  • Sex Act: Blowjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

Gag Reflex Trailer


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