Kallie Taylor in Kallie’s Big Problem


Whenever Kallie Taylor gets intimate with a man, it turns in to a big problem. He cums to quickly. So fast at times that Kallie’s play sessions only lasts for seconds. Is Kallie’s amazing oral skills or her tight cunt to blame? Kallie came up with a solution; just use her hands. She’s going to tease your throbbing boner with her tight cunt, but it’s a lot of dirty talk with her silky, soft hands! Kallie’s going to make you finish, too. Kallie wants her face coated with your massive sperm load!


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Kallie Taylor loves her intimate time playing with guys. She gets you in the bedroom, and she shows off her small tits, and teases you with her tight cunt. Things are going well, as she strips off her clothes to reveal her tattoo-less body. There’s a big problem, though. Every guy Kallie has been with, they end up finishing way to fast! Could it be her amazing oral skills or her tight hairy cunt? No matter what it is, blonde Kallie Taylor has a solution. She’s going to use her hands! This isn’t any normal hand job, though. She’s going to give you dirty talk while she teases your throbbing boner. And above all else, she wants yours massive facial load at the end.

Kallie Taylor is tired of having quick sessions with the guys she meets. She wants it to last as long as possible, which is problem when every guy she meets finishes to quickly. So she’s going to try something different, by giving you dirty talk and a hand job. Who would complain when you can look at her natural tits?

Kallie Taylor Has The Solution

In this full-length 23:38 minute VOD from Manojob, Kallie Taylor wants to lengthen her time with you. And she has found the solution, by using her hands! It doesn’t take long in the bedroom for the dirty talk to start with Kallie stroking your stunt cock.

  • Full-Length 23:38 VOD
  • Amazing Oral
  • Cumshot Facial Ending

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