Larkin Love in Giant Jugg Jerk


Larkin Love has been a fetish model for years but just started making movies. For years she’s had her picture taken doing some very extreme stuff. When I talked to her about this shoot, I told her what you guys like: JOE, big tits, and that some of you have a tongue fetish. Her eyes got real wide when I said “tongue fetish” and then she unleashed it. Larkin might have the longest tongue I’ve ever seen on a person. EVER. Her juggs are enormous. Her JOE is world class. Stunt Cock almost suffered premature ejaculation… more than once. In the end, her slut face was white washed.


Product Description

Larkin Love may have an incredible tongue, but she’s got incredible hands too, and you’re going to see why in Giant Jugg Jerk. If you don’t already know who Larkin is, you’re in for quite the treat. Larkin Love is one of the best performers out there right now. This slut knows exactly how to get you off, and in Giant Jugg Jerk, she’s going to show you just how good she is at handling cock. She’s got huge tits, tattoos, can take an incredible facial, and loves dirty talk. Larkin knows exactly what to say, and exactly how to say it, to milk every drop of cum from you. If you weren’t convinced by her other scenes, you will be after this one.

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