Lauren Phillips in LMT Suckoff


Lauren Phillips, LMT. She’s “totally pro”, of course…which means you’re gonna get a “legit” massage. Uh huh. Sure. So, by the end of it, when she asks you to turn over — while averting her eyes — then asks, “is there any place I might have missed?” … you know you’ve hit pay dirt. Only today, Lauren isn’t going to just jack you off. It’s straight-to-the-mouth. A mouth that’s as soft and wet as her cunt. Jackpot! Oh…don’t forget to wipe those lipstick marks off your dick before you go home to Wifey!


Product Description

In this clip, Lauren Phillips is your LMT (licensed massage therapist) and she’s about to settle your nerves with an awesome suckoff! Lauren’s a MILF, and she she’s not driving her kids to soccer practice or making dinner for the family, she’s working a side-job as a LMT. It’s good money, but the tips make it really good money. She’ll show up at your house, wearing a revealing top that shows off her big titties, and she’ll make sure her flowing red hair looks great and her perfect ass pops through her yoga pants. Once she’s finished the massage, Lauren will ask if there’s any spots that need extra attention. Of course there is! And she’ll take care of those spots with her mouth, after she gets naked and shows off her perfectly-trimmed bush. Release all that extra attention on her face, cause you know your wife won’t ever let you do that! Just make sure to wipe the lipstick off your dick before you go home!

  • Clip Length: 15:17
  • Sex Act: Blowjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

LMT Suckoff Trailer


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