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Mackenzie Moss loves her phone, especially the “hook-up apps”. And Mackenzie loves “randos” almost as much as her phone. A “rando” is what millennials call a “random person”. A lot of times a rando is a complete stranger, as in, “OMG (oh my god!) I totally just fucked a rando!” That’s what Mackenzie texts her bestie as she’s making her way home from getting her cunt stretched out in this adult video you’re about to download and watch!


Product Description

She Swiped Right!, a point-of-view, adults-only sex video, opens with the beautiful, blonde Mackenzie Moss stating, “aren’t these dating apps crazy!? I can’t even believe I’m doing this right now!” Director Billy Watson gives us a good, long looks at the beautiful, blonde porn star Mackenzie Moss in the opening five-minute teaser.

Miss Moss is great during the tease, encouraging the viewer to fap away until she drops to her knees. I prefer these types of openers to, say, the pizza guy delivering dick or the lady-in-distress that will do anything to pay the bill.

Mackenzie Moss was a dream to work with, Billy Watson says. It was our first time on set together, but I kinda figured she was going to be great because she’s a “Spiegler Girl”.

If you’re not familiar with Spiegler Girls, they all one some things in common: their agent is Porn Valley “super agent” Mark Spiegler, which means they’re going to show up on time and ready to work. They all love their job, and they care about the content they’re appearing in.

Mackenzie is a Spiegler Girl, through and through! Wait til you see the show she pus on in this super sexy P.O.V movie!

After her great tease, Mackenzie’s on her knees sucking Mr. POV’s cock. Lots of great POV blow job eyes here, with heavy breathing and Mackenzie lightly wiping the oozing pre-cum from his cock and tasting it! And yes, Mackenzie’s boobs are small, but they’re natural and very perky.

About the 11:30 mark, Mackenzie coos, “please put your cock in my little pussy”, and Mr. POV obliges, in p.o.v. doggy style, which causes Mackenzie to moan in delight. The doggy pounding goes on another couple minutes before the action moves to the bed.

After some hot “JOI”, Mackenzie lays on her stomach for some more hot, cock-sucking action. I love this view, cause you can see the soles of her pretty feet! At the 21:00 minute mark, Mackenzie is about to ride cowgirl, saying “my little cunt is ready!”

Continuing on, slutty Mackenzie reverses it up for the next position, exposing her tight little butthole and she pounds and grinds on Mr. POV. Man this girl has it! Check out the “cunt-to-mouth clean offs” between each position! It’s hot, as is the final sex position, when Mr. POV pounds Mackenzie’s trimmed little blonde bush in the “mish position”.

On to the money shot! Mackenzie drops to her knees again, right where this hot, sexy POV fuck video began, where she finishes the job for a swallow! An excellent scene!

Finally, if you like the interviews, the “B.T.S.” footage is 30 minutes long. It’s another great Billy Watson interview with a porn star. Watson’s been influenced by Howard Stern’s interviews of the last couple years, and he makes the starlets feel comfortable as reaches beyond the typical “when did you lose your virginity and can I see your tits?!” behind-the-scenes porn interviews. It’s totally worth the download, and like all the BTS videos on Legit Clips, it’s free during the first week of its release.

  • Point of View Hardcore Porn Video 36:22 total length.
  • Four hot positions shot in true POV style with lots of eye contact!
  • The “Money Shot” is a terrific swallow!

She Swiped Right! official trailer

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