Pristine Edge in Hands-On Nurse


Oh boy! When you come to and see the nurse outfit, you know what that means! It’s a trip to your favorite sperm bank, and you know why you always visit the same one, right? The nurses may change, but they’ll all there to lend a helping hand…especially if you’re having difficulty producing a sample. You’ve met Nurse Pax, Nurse Shevron, and Nurse Brinx. While they’re all great, there’s something extra exciting about meeting a new one and having her lend her “helping hands”. Enter Nurse Edge! Nuff said.


Product Description

Pristine Edge works at a sperm bank, and today she’s a hands-on nurse who helps her clients produce a semen sample. Pristine is a hot blonde with small tits. They’re natural tits, and once she agrees to help you out, she’s going to use them by tit fucking for the load. She’s so naughty she’ll even rub your cock using the butt tease method in order to help facilitate a semen sample. She also uses J.O.E. in order to help; in other words, she encourages you to jack off as she strips. Pristine really knows how to make producing a semen sample easy! Be careful though! Make sure to wait so she can get your sample container before you ejaculate, or else it’ll get all over her face! I think you know where today’s sample ends up!

  • Clip Length: 13:04
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

Hands-On Nurse Trailer


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