Valentina Nappi in Il Mio Insegnante di Italiano


Il Mio Insegnante di Italiano translates to My Italian Teacher, and let’s face it: if Valentina Nappi was teaching you Italian, you’d probably behave badly, too. Mr. POV couldn’t concentrate with Valentina as his teacher. Well, he could concentrate, but only on her big tits and sexy wardrobe. Which Valentina picked up on, so she chose to give a lesson to her misbehaving student on Italian sexy words. Which eventually turns Valentina on, which leads to Valentina instructing you to masturbate. Which then leads to oral sex. Since Valentina is saving her tight cunt for marriage, your hole for use today is the anus. Her face is your cum target, and they say the rest is history!


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Il Mio Insegnante di Italiano translates to My Italian Teacher. The instructor for today’s class is somebody you wouldn’t dare skipping class on; Valentina Nappi. Whenever Valentina Nappi is the teacher for the day, it’s hard to concentrate on to the classwork. Brunette Valentina knows exactly what she’s doing when she wears her sexy dress showing off her natural tits. The situation is, she wants you to get distracted, and she’s been waiting for Mr POV to take this class all semester. She’s been waiting to rip off her dress to show off her big tits. It’s no surprise when things turn from classwork to masturbating. Her other job is being a Pornstar, after all!

Valentina wants to teach you sexy words in Italian, which eventually turn her on. Mr POV instructed to masturbate while she strips off her clothes, revealing her tattoo-less body and shaved cunt. She’s even going to help you by letting you tit fuck her and giving you a blowjob. But, she’s saving her cunt for marriage, so she wants you to fuck her asshole. She’s even going to give you oral right after you finish fucking her asshole!

Valentina is your Italian Teacher

In this Full-Length 33:29 minute movie from Mr. POV, Valentina Nappi, the Italian Teacher, wants to teach you more than just Italian words. She wants to teach you sexy Italian words, and hopefully turn you on enough (and her!) to skip the classwork!

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