Alison Rey in Interview with the Babysitter


It’s not easy finding domestic help these days, as I’m sure you’re already well aware. Harder yet is finding someone you can trust to babysit. You’ve put out ads, and you’ve asked for referrals, and that’s what brought Miss Alison Rey to your office. She’s here to interview for the babysitter gig, but it goes beyond that. Alison’s looking for a little more, and she gets the vibe you’re looking for the same. Someone you can trust, whether it’s with your family…or your secrets. Alison’s here to help you in any way you may need, and any and all work she’ll perform for you will remain discreet and confidential. Looks like you’ve found your sitter!


Product Description

In Interview with the Babysitter, Alison Rey does a great job during this x-rated skit doing whatever it takes to get the job! Alison’s a barely-legal brunette babe who plays up the “girl-next-door” type. She’s willing and eager to earn your trust, and she’s great at keeping secrets. Her tight, near-perfect body isn’t marred with tattoos, and her all-natural tits are as firm and tight as it gets. She’s freshly shaved in all the right places. Alison’sĀ oral skills match her dirty talk, and when it’s time to take the load all over her pretty face, she doesn’t flinch at all. This one’s another winner!!

  • Clip Length: 13:08
  • Sex Act: Blowjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

Interview with the Babysitter Trailer


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