Ariana Marie in P.O. H.J.


Ariana Marie is in trouble…again. She has some issues, the biggest one being (in addition to a slut) her exhibitionism. Ariana loves doing naughty things in public places, even if it’s illegal. Even if she’s been caught…multiple times. So here she is, in the Probation Officer’s office (again), and this time Ariana plans on worming her way out of this one. She knows her P.O. is a pervy dude (he has a hard time concealing his erection whenever she’s in the office), and today she’s going to use his horny behavior as her “Get Out of Jail” card.


Product Description

If you’re wondering why beautiful brunette Ariana Marie is in a clip called P.O. H.J., there’s a simple explanation. P.O. stands for probation officer, and if you’re the least bit familiar with Legit Clips, then you know H.J. stands for handjob. This is a fetish skit, and Ariana Marie stars as a petite, sexy slut who’s got a problem with exhibitinism, and it’s gotten to the point she flaunts her sexualtiy in public so much she’s gotten into trouble. Big trouble. And you know how sluts get out of a jam, right? Ariana gets naked and shows off her beautiful body, all the while giving you her best jackoff encouragement. You know where this ends up: Ariana on her knees, milking dick, until it explodes all over her beautiful face. This is Ariana Marie’s very first appearance to our family of sites, and we’re happy to have her. Ariana’s gaining a huge fan base for a reason, and after you download and watch this clip, you’ll know why!

  • Clip Length: 15:21
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

P.O. H.J. Trailer


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