Kasey Warner in Big Pop for Cutie!


Kasey Warner is the latest barely-legal newb to jump off the bus at the Porn Valley stop, and Legit Clips couldn’t be happier to have her here. Kasey’s a true slut, a real dirty-mouthed whore, and she owns that title. She’s been a long-time fan of porno, so you’re about to get some really strong JOE from this petite Porno Princess. Stunt Cock loved her, too. You always know when a Stunt Cock falls for a girl when the cum ropes start firing all over the face. But he got some “extra help”…you’ll know what I mean once you watch the video. Kasey’s gonna have you will launching multiple cum ropes as well!


Product Description

They call it “the money shot” for a reason, and today it’s a big pop for our cutie, Kasey Warner. Kasey just turned eighteen. Just days after the big day, she jumped on the bus out of Nowhere, USA, heading straight for Porn Valley. Kasey loves being a sex worker, and it shows. She’s an all-natural, petite Porno Princess! Kasey knows how easy it is to make a man jizz using her mouth or her tight, pink pussy, so today she works hard for her load. What a load it is! Her cute face gets covered. If you’re a fan of “JOE” (jack off encouragement), this clip will be right up your alley as well. Finally, in order to get the biggest pop she could, Kasey goes with the pussy tease. It’s her way of “edging” Stunt Cock, so when he does blow, it’s as big as any lucky girl could hope for!

  • Clip Length: 13:21
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

Big Pop for Cutie! Trailer


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