Jaycee Starr in I Like the Night Shift!


Jaycee Starr loves stripping. She loves The Culture of Strip Joints: the men who frequent the clubs; the drinks and socializing; but, more than anything else, Jaycee loves the cash she makes. It’s almost fetish-like: the feel of money, the smell, even the way it tastes when a man slips a 50-dollar-bill into her mouth. There’s only one problem: Jaycee’s still on the day shift, and she wants the night slot that’s just opened up at the popular club where she dances. It’ll mean a big pay raise, which means she’s going to have to persuade you into giving her that Nighttime Slot.


Product Description

Jaycee Starr is here to tell you: “I like the night shift!” Jaycee is a sexy brunette stripper who loves stripping, but she needs to make a little bit more cash. That’s why she wants to take on the night shift, because the day shift just doesn’t do it for her. Will you be able to resist Jaycee’s dirty talk, natural tits, shaved pussy, and her incredible ability to stroke and milk thick cock? We don’t think so. In this full-length clip, you’re going to get the chance to see just how much Jaycee Starr wants this shift. Watch the trailer, and then get busy buying this clip!

  • 16:12 of expert cock stroking
  • Hand job movie
  • Facial money shot

I Like the Night Shift! Trailer


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