Penny Pax in Bookworm Beatoff


Nerdy girls. Bookworms. “Boys don’t make passes at girls in glasses”. Admit it…these are the girls you secretly wanted to bang. Oh sure, everyone at school raved and raved and raved about the cheerleaders and pom pon squads…but it was the nerdy girls in glasses who were, in reality, closet freaks. Penny Pax was one of them. While the head cheerleader juggled a million phone calls from boys, Penny was masturbating to online porn after finishing her homework. Today’s no exception. Sure, she wants to milk your cock. But she’s in the middle of a good book. You know you’re gonna get your way with the Closet Slut though! It’s also been a few days since you unloaded, so Penny better be ready for a big, big load! Scroll down to check the free video trailer!


Product Description

Penny Pax loves both reading and sex, and in Bookworm Beatoff, Penny gets to do the things she enjoys most! Penny is a tiny, blonde, and cute. She looks like the girl who sits next to you in English class, so no one would ever guess she likes to star in porno movies. Penny isn’t covered in tattoos, and her blonde ponytails make her look so innocent! Check out her nerdy-girl reading glasses, too! Seriously, does she look like a girl who’s about to give a hand job until she makes her face all messy? I told you Penny looks the the typical girl-next-door, but underneath her clothes, Penny’s got a big, natural bust and a bald, wet pussy. Penny Pax might not look like a slut, but trust me, she is. The best part of this clip might be the Money Shot, because it’s large and gets all over her glasses. If you’re a fan of Penny Pax, handjob porn, or big, sloppy facials, this clip should be an automatic download for your porn collection!

  • Clip Length: 17:37
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

Bookworm Beatoff Trailer


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