Larkin Love in I Love Larkin


Larkin Love returns to Legit Clips…and it’s another JOE / tongue Fest. What a pro. It’s so easy for me as a director to shoot Larkin, cause all I really have to do is flip the camera to the ON position and let Larkin do her thing. I don’t know of a model who can come up with such foul, naughty suggestions — off the top of her head! No script here. Like I said — just let Larkin be Larkin, and the rest falls into place seamlessly and effortlessly. Larkin’s at the top of her game.


Product Description

Larkin Love might be one of the most popular fetish models working the circuit today, so as you find yourself muttering “I love Larkin”, know that you’re not the only one. She’s an “alt girl”, a busty brunette with an uncanny tongue.  I say this both figuratively and literally: Larkin’s ability to dirty talk is second-to-none…and would you look at her tongue! It’s spectacular! Did I mention her freshly-shaved cunt? Or how Stunt Cock turns her face into a goopy mess? After you download this clip, expect a fap session that will leave your eyes rolling up in the back of your head and your toes curling long after the 13 minutes it takes to get through this clip. That is, if you can get through it the whole way without busting a nut.

  • Clip Length: 13:39
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

I Love Larkin Trailer


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