Liz Jordan in Suck Off the Creeps!


Oh, what is Liz Jordan supposed to do? Liz Jordan is horny and her usual of waking up and rubbing one out for multiple orgasms isn’t working. She must turn to extreme measures, by taking a visit to one of her favorite toy stores. But Liz Jordan finds more than just the normal toys there; watch as you see Liz Jordan satisfy herself (and the crowd!) by taking a whole lotta loads!


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Liz Jordan, horny for more than her morning usual, takes measures into her own hands (or I’d say mouth!) to give the crowd a good time. What’s a brunette slut to do when she’s craving for more? Let more people inside her wet mouth! Liz Jordan takes a trip to her usual store looking for more than just an average toy; some would say she’s looking to be used as the toy to please the crowd! Watch on as slutty Liz pulls in the crowd, eagerly waiting for their turn. Who could blame the crowd? Just take a look at her natural tits!

This porn star is looking for more than just rubbing one out. On the surface, she appears to be a good girl with no tattoos on to her body. But in reality, she’s looking for all of us to see her tight cunt with a trimmed bush. Watch on as Liz Jordan helps please the crowd with her small tits and wet mouth!

Liz Jordan Knows How to Please the Crowd

In this Full-length 20 Minute movie from The Dick Suckers, Liz Jordan is looking for more than a solo endeavor; she wants to add more to the party! It doesn’t take long to gather a gang eagerly waiting for their turn to blow facial loads all over Liz’s glasses! It’s what she loves to do, and she’s happy to let more join in the party.

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