Liz Jordan in Paint Me Twice!


Don’t let her fool you. Behind that innocent, “girl-next-door”, college-girl look, Liz Jordan is a freak. Super freaky! A true cum slut! When Liz stepped on to Billy Watson’s set, she said, “Billy! You know how much I love a big load on my face! Why only Mr. POV? Doesn’t he have some sort of friend he brings around from time to time?” While Liz was in make-up, Billy made a couple calls. Sure enough, Mr. POV’s golf partner was available! Did I mention Liz has a thing for older men? Older men “in charge”! “You know who really turns me on, Billy? Who I rub one out to a lot?! My college English prof! Oh, and his T.A. (teaching assistant)!” Billy replied, “well, Liz just wrote her the script!” and then started rolling camera.


Product Description

There’s a reason why Liz Jordan and her point-of-view handjob video Paint Me Twice is highly rated by fans and critics alike. It’s amazing. Specifically, Liz Jordan is amazing. You might already know her from the P.O.V. creampie sex video she did with Mr. POV, Do You Wanna Unload In My Cunt? Since making her initial appearance in Porn Valley, Liz Jordan has been building a big fan base, and there’s great reasons why. Paint Me Twice! is just another of her growing list of excellent scenes.

Liz has had a real-life crush on many older men in her life. As she states in the tease portion of this video, Liz is a community college student who fetishizes cum, loves watching a man jerk his dick (while giving a healthy dose of J.O.E. / J.O.I.), and almost all of her make professors. Liz won’t let us know how she got into his place, but that doesn’t matter. “I can’t believe I’m about to jerk off my professor” is what does matter.  “Oh my god — it’s so big”, Liz coos as she pulls down her professor’s pants. “Is it ok if I lube it up, sir?” Liz asks, then goes right to work.

Over the course of this 20-minute session, Liz talks dirty, jerks his big dick, and, in a moment of weakness, slides his thick cock right into her tight, pink cunt. “Will you be mad at me if I slide it in just once? I promise not to tell.” Liz wasn’t really intended to fuck her professor, but it just kinda “happened”. The best part of this video? After Liz finishes the job with her professor, in walks the professor’s teaching assistant. Liz doesn’t hesitate. She finishes the job a second time, draining another massive load of cum all over her pretty brunette face!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 20:02 minutes long!
  • POV handjob video with pussy insert!
  • Multiple cum shots dirty up Liz’s pretty face!

Liz Jordan Paint Me Twice trailer! 


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