Lucie Cline in A Very Taboo Milking


You married her mom. She just turned 18. She still lives in your house. That means she follows your rules. She’s a handful, in more ways than one. You just caught her ditching school. It’s your job to discipline her, but will you? Lucie Cline, well she wants to go out this weekend, and if you tell her mom that you caught her ditching, she’ll be stuck at home. She’ll do anything to get out of trouble, even if it means lending you a “helping hand.” Look how slutty she’s dressed! Lucie wants what she wants, are you going to give in?


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Lucie Cline is ready for a very taboo milking. That is to say, this role-play is all about pushing boundaries and engaging in a forbidden relationship. Lucie plays your step-daughter, your charge, and it’s your job to discipline her. But she also wants to wiggle her way out of that. Will you let her squeeze your cock until it explodes all over her face, in return for your silence? Just look at this cute little slut. She’s a barely-legal brunette, with natural tits, a trimmed bush, and dirty talk to back up all of your naughtiest fantasies. How could you, or anyone say no to this deal? If you want to see Lucie Cline squeezing “daddy” cock, then buy this full-length handjob clip right now.

  • 20:36 of high definition content
  • Handjob cock squeezing
  • Facial milking

A Very Taboo Milking Trailer


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