Naomi Woods Casting Couch Milking


Naomi Woods wants to be an actress. Naomi’s made the trek from Small Town, USA, all the way to Hollywood! Guess what? She’s discovered there’s literally a million other hot girls from all over the world pursuing the same dream. What’s that mean? You already know. The Producers and Casting Directors in this town have a field day with girls like Naomi, and they all know a girl like Naomi will drop to her knees to get a one-up on the thousands of other hot girls competing for the same role. Watch the real Hollywood casting process, and for more info on “Casting Couch Milking”, scroll down!


Product Description

Naomi Woods wants to be a mainstream actress, so why not put her in the casting couch for a good, old-fashioned milking? “Milking”, of course, is just the fancy-pervy  way of saying “hand job”, which is exactly what this hot blonde does for this scene. However, before I delver into the scene, let’s hear what director Billy Watson has to say about Miss Woods.

I’ll be honest, while I remember Naomi very well, I don’t recall the specifics of this scene. Nor of Naomi herself. I do remember — and always realized — I should have booked Naomi a lot more. She’s a beautiful woman with a sexy voice. Naomi wasn’t an easy girl to book. If you listen to her b.t.s interview, she was really on her way out of Porn Valley before ever settling in.

I’ll actually listen to my own interviews when I want to remember more about a girl I shot. Look, I shoot a lot of models, and there’s no way I can recall every one. For instance, I don’t recall Naomi inventing her first name from the “90210” character of the same name, nor do I remember her saying Woods sounded “classy”. I do remember she was shooting for mainstream stardom, she’s 19 and started porn in Florida. But I don’t remember her saying she wanted to be a “Playboy bunny” since “little”.

Finally, I know I need to shoot more BTS where, at the end of the interview, we cut to the model cleaning the jizz off her face, like Naomi does at the end of this interview. ManoJob members tell me it’s hot.

“It’s ok if you want to pull your dick out and start playing with it,” Naomi says almost immediately after the scenes starts. Who wouldn’t want to play with it? Naomi’s a hot, blonde 19-year-old. Her body is all-natural, tight and firm. Two minutes in, Naomi’s commenting, “you’re getting really hard” while peeling off her top. I’d say they’re 32Bs, and there’s not a tattoo on this fine young lady!  Naomi’s lubing the dick up shortly thereafter. “You’re sooo much fun to play with!” Naomi coos in her super sexy voice. I dunno about you, but a sexy voice makes up for a lot of things with it comes to my sluts!

At the 6:30 mark, Naomi’s got her little, pink panties pulled down, exposing her beautiful, shaved cunt. Soon, Naomi’s doing the butt tease, followed up by a very sexy “do you think I could…maybe…slide your dick inside of my cunt?” Yes, Naomi uses the “C-Word”, and man…it’s hot! There’s some great moans followed up by the extremely sexy, “I did that so you’d give me a bigger load!” After a little super hot begging for the load, Mr. POV unloads with 5 or 6 solid blasts to the face; specifically, Naomi’s right eye gets glued shut!

Then, “Thank you Mr. Producer for giving me this opportunity!” WOW!  Casting Couch Milking is a must-download clip!

  • Video Length 13:01
  • Naomi Woods is a hot blonde who finishes the job
  • POV Huge Cum Shot Facial!

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