Mali Myers in Hosed Down!


The picture to your left isn’t faked. That’s not pina coloda mix or hand soap. But before I get to that, let me say this. You’re in for a treat, and that treat’s name is Mali Myers. Mail’s an east coast gal, and she’s so new to this game I’m almost positive you’ve never seen her before. And you’re never going to see her again. So we’re gonna call her an amateur, which I think is totally fair. But before I get to that, lemme tell you Mali did a good job with “JOE” (jack off encouragement), and she worked two stunt cocks today. She went back and forth and milked them good. REALLY good. You’re going to be astonished with The Money Shot. We immediately booked her for more clips…but alas, the next day she disappeared from Porn Valley on the first plane back home — which means they’re all done starring in dirty movies. Scroll down to see her free video trailer, and trust me — you’re not going to be disappointed!


Product Description

The clip you’re about to purchase — Mali Myers in Hosed Down! — might contain the greatest money shot ever captured. Oh sure, that’s saying a lot… and a lot of what you hear in porno is total bullshit, but just watch a free sample of this non-professional adult actress Mali stroking off two cocks at the same time! These two stunt cocks blast off almost at the same time, literally covering Mali and her spectacles in thick, gooey semen. In addition to the huge facial, I love this scene because Mali is the quintessential girl-next-door. She looks like a community college cutie or maybe even the college girl who babysits for extra money! Mali’s sweet, bald pussy and beautiful tits match her perfect ass. All this comes in a tiny package for sure, which makes “spinner” Mali Myers even more appealing. You’re going to have a heard time making it all the way through this clip, starting from the time Mali drops to her knees to receive the money shots, to her slowly pulling off her eyeglasses to inspect the damage our stunt cocks to them!

  • Clip Length: 11:18
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Huge Double Facial

Hosed Down! Trailer


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