Trillium in One Ain’t Enough!


Trillium. That’s it. Just one word. Like Cher. And Sting. And Madonna. Trillium. She’s a nude, arty-farty, black-and-white photography model who’s come to The Dark Side — Porn Valley. From pretty nude pics to naughty sex pics, Trillium’s done it all. When the arty-farty black-and-white work dries up, it’s time to either find a “real job”, or up the game to the naughty stuff. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful super hot Trillium took that leap! Oh, and she’s such a slut she actually requested “multiple pops” for her scene. That’s right. Trillium’s call!


Product Description

There’s a reason why we called this hand job movie starring Trillium “One Ain’t Enough!”, but more about that later. Trillium is a pale, blonde beauty. I realize that description might contradict itself, but it’s true. You don’t have to be a tanned, blonde bimbo with fake tits to be beautiful. In fact, I prefer my porn starlets to look like the typical girl-next-door. With her natural tits and flawless skin that isn’t marred with tattoos, Trillium looks like the cute girl who sat next to you in English class. The one you never had the nerve to talk to, maybe. Get this: Trillium’s a slut, too. She loves giving hand jobs and blowing dick and getting fucked! Her dirty talk? Off the hook! The more cum on her face, the better. And that’s why we called this hand job movie starring Trillium One Ain’t Enough!

  • Clip Length: 15:25
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Double Facial

One Ain’t Enough! Trailer


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