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Adria Rae is really popular. Almost everyone who sees her likes her, and this full length clip is no exception. She’s going to stroke your hard cock, and she’s going to do it like an expert porn star would. But, she’s just so darn cute! How can she be a full on porn star? Well, she might look innocent, but she’s real good at making a dick cum. Riley Reid might be a girl next door, but this girl is too. You know what I mean, the girl who just served you coffee, bagged your groceries, she baby sat your kid. You know, hot, part timer getting through college. Today she’s going to make you grow, tease, and explode. It’s what Adria is all about, and it’s what you deserve. Is that wrong?



Product Description

Adria Rae is here today to Make It Grow. You know what “It” is. She’s gonna tug at your pants. Grab your throbbing cock. Squeeze you until you’re dry. Despite looking so innocent, this barely legal hot little brunette is an expert at the tease. Especially when she’s not supposed to. That’s right, she might just slip it in her tight cunt, but are you really going to complain? These little neighbor girls can be such sluts. Are tattoos a good indication of a secret slut beneath those skimpy clothes? Look—who else would you want stroking you… She just wants to make it grow, and then, well, it might end with a facial. Would it be so wrong to cover her pretty little face in thick cum? I think Adria wants that. Give her what she needs. Or you could just regret missing out on this amazing clip featuring Adria Rae.

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