April Turner in April, Showered


April Turner is a red-head slut straight outta Texas. When I say she’s slutty, she’s SLUTTY. Super slut. This girl loves to please men. Plural. Not just her man (she’s married) but just about every man she sees. And if you’re packing, move to the front of the line…cause April’s a Size Queen. But she’s cool with all dudes, and the more jizz she milks from a pair of balls, the better April feels. She’s a cum slut, too, and today was her lucky day. Our Stunt Cock walked onto set with a 4-day back-up, and when he unleashed, April’s face resembled a Jackson Pollock painting. Let’s call this one April, Showered.


Product Description

Amateur model April Turner gets “April, Showered” in this fabulous clip! April’s from the great state of Texas, and she is a red head! She’s an all-natural red head!! If her pussy wasn’t so smooth and shaved, you’d know the drapes match the curtains! They say, “boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses“, but I’d make a pass at this slut any time! She coaxes quite a load from Stunt Cock, too. I mean when this is all said and done her face is drenched in semen!

  • Clip Length:¬†17:18
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

April, Showered Trailer


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