Brooke Haze the Little Cumslut Finishes the Job Big Facial Money Shot POV Clip!


Brooke Haze, one of your favorite, sexy “spinners” (petite girl) and 2019 AVN Hottest New Cummer Nominee, is a self-proclaimed “cum slut”. The bigger the load, the better. This little “kitty kat” loves wearing her kitty kat ears while showing off how well she’ll work for a big pop. Brooke will use her bouncy little ass and her sweet, sweet cunt to tease another mighty load from Mr. POV, and, when it’s all said and done, Brooke wins! Big time. But the kitty kat ears will need to be tossed in the laundry! LOL.

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Director Billy Watson writes: This Brooke Haze scene was one of the first I shot after resigning from Dogfart. I’m friends with Brooke’s agent, and he assured me Brooke wouldn’t have a problem talking to the camera, and Brooke isn’t afraid of a big load. In fact, she likes to tell people she’s a little cum slut!

So let’s talk about this scene, and I’ll start with the BTS / interview scene. Billy Watson does a great job interviewing his models. He cares about them, and it shows. This one is a little over 13 minutes long, and it starts with Billy acknowledging her “kitty kat ears”, which, Brooke tells us, “I love my ears. I wear them every day!” To which Billy follows up with, “I tell the models who work with me to please be themselves,” which is what makes Billy such a comfortable director to be around.

Believe it or not, Brooke has been in the industry for almost 3 years. I like how Billy keeps it real when his cat roams on to set, which doesn’t make him stop rolling. You get a “Brooke Haze Primer” (as Billy refers to them), which is the general info Billy asks each model who’s on his set for the first time. You’ll find out about her family’s reaction to her career as a sex worker, her previous, non-sex work, and what sex acts she won’t perform, among other topics. Good interview and totally worth the download.

The scene? Let’s start with the basics: Brooke is 5’2″, 100 pounds, a brunette with small, natural, near-perfect (for me, anyway) titties. Which, honesty, is the way I like ’em: all-natural, petite, and a naughty mouth!. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problems with tattoos; I just prefer the girls I jerk to to be sans-tattoos. LOL.

In the subscription-based members’ area at the scene earned a big 4.45/5, which is one of the better scores on the site. It’s an excellent score, and I think a lot of that has to do with Mr. POV’s incredible facial money shot Brooke coaxed out of his balls. (After the scene, on set, Mr. POV said he walked in to the scene with a 4-day back-up, which would explain things LOL). But let’s get to that in a sec.

Brooke engages you in some hot JOE almost immediately (like less than 2 minutes in), and well as some JOI. She also doesn’t have a problem referring to her pussy as her cunt. She also engages the tongue fetishists as well. Brooke also speaks slowly and in a very sexy tone, which is how I like my dirty-talkin’ sluts. For example, she looks right in the camera at 7:40 and asks, “would you like to see my ass? Would it help you jerk your cock better?” Well, YES AND YES and YES, when she asks about a minute later, “can you feel how hot and wet my cunt is?” I just about lost my load!

When Brooke gets naked, the first thing I noticed is how fat her cunt is! And it’s bushy, but trimmed; I’m so over shaved cunts. Brooke proceeds to perform both an ass and pussy tease, and, by 11 minutes, she’s back on her knees working Mr. POV’s throbbing member. And asking for a load “all over my pretty little face…every…last…drop.” Brooke’s tone is soft and sexy and fucking hot.

Which is when we get to the pop. At 12;14 she again says, “I want your big load all over my face,” to which, after almost another 2 1/2 to 3 minutes of work, is when Mr. POV unloads. And I mean he unloads. With such force, his first rope hits Brooke’s kitty kat ear!

“Look at me, I’m a dirty little cum whore!” The thing I like about Watson’s work is he doesn’t immediately cut after the pop…you get some post-pop JOE, and that, along with the girls finishing the job, is what sets his content apart from the rest.

  • “The Little Cumslut is 16:37 total length; the BTS interview 13:09
  • Slow, sexy, consistent dirty talk from Brooke
  • No wonder Brooke Haze is an AVN-nominated performer!


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