Carolina Sweets in Carolina’s Champagne Room!


Carolina Sweets has a real problem: she keeps getting fired from her job. It’s the same thing over and over. Why? Well, she’s a stripper, and she’s a huge slut. You see, Carolina loves pleasing men, and every time she takes them back to her “Champagne Room”, one things leads to another. You know, one second she’s grinding and the next she’s sucking or jerking that hard cock. If the money’s right, she’s down to fuck. She always gets caught, and it’s totally against the rules. But Carolina can’t control herself. In this full-length clip, you own the hottest strip joint in town, and Carolina’s in for the interview. Are you going to hire her after this?


Product Description

Are you ready to visit Carolina Sweets in Carolina’s Champagne Room!? Ms. Sweets here is a stripper, but she’s also a total slut. Unfortunately, she keeps getting fired. Strippers aren’t supposed to suck, stroke, and fuck their clients. She’s looking to get hired at another job, and it just so happens she’s interviewing with you. Carolina is a tattooed blonde with natural tits, a shaved pussy, and incredible dirty talk. When it comes to convincing you to give her a chance, she ends up stroking your cock. But knowing her, Carolina goes for the butt tease and the pussy tease. Talk about slutty behavior! Carolina Sweets really wants that facial though, why don’t you give it to her?

  • 17:47 of hardcore action
  • Hand job with pussy tease
  • Facial cumshot

Carolina’s Champagne Room! Trailer


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