Iris Rose in Just Turned


Iris Rose makes her Legit Clips debut at the fresh ripe age of 18. She hails from the Great State of Texas, and just like everything from Texas, Iris has some of the biggest naturals we’ve ever seen on a barely-legal. They’re simply amazing. Her JOE ain’t too bad, either! I dunno about you, but where were all these naughty teens when I was 18?! Good lawd! She jerks and strokes and milks Stunt Cock with the greatest of ease, until she’s a cummy mess. Which is just the way this little whore likes it.


Product Description

Iris Rose just turned 18, and I mean just turned. Let me put it another way: if I had shot this clip a few months ago, I’d be in big trouble. That’s what I mean by “just turned“. This beautiful, blonde Texan as a near-perfect rack featuring two of the greatest big naturals I’ve ever seen on an 18-year-old. She’s a sexy slut who loves to show off her flawless, tight, teen body. You gotta love the denim shorts and slutty halter-top she wore to set. That top comes off immediately, too, which is when Iris’s tit-fucking skills kick in. Later, Stunt Cock told me fucking those golden tits was almost as good as any pussy he’s had! Speaking of pussies, Iris was freshly shaved for this clip. Even though she’s barely out of high school, Iris’s dirty talk and jack off encouragement will leave you impressed. Another thing that will leave you impressed? Iris takes the money shot directly to her face, and it’s a doozy!

  • Clip Length: 18:13
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

Just Turned Trailer


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