Cindy Starfall in Hot for Tutor


E.S.L. English as a Second Language. You’ve been tutoring it for years, and you’ve had some “aggressive” students. I’m not talking behavior problem. I think you get the message. Enter Cindy Starfall. She’s Vietnamese, and she’s horny. All the time. You’ve tried to refrain, but today it’s on. Cindy’s slutty ways have finally won. So, instead of teaching Cindy English, she’s gonna teach you all the things she’s learned — not only speaking…but sexy time things. Kick back and let Cindy Starfall milk your dick and listen to how well she dirty talks. After all, you’ve earned it.


Product Description

Asian porn star Cindy Starfall plays an ESL (English as a Second Language) student who has a crush on her teacher in Hot for Tutor. Cindy is a shaved petite with perky, all-natural tits. There’s lots of great teasing, hot stroking, and a big facial in this 18-minute clip. Are you ready to tutor Cindy? Not ready to give her what she needs? Take a look at the trailer below. We’re sure you’ll be convinced to give her extra credit.

  • Clip Length: 18:35
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

Hot for Tutor Trailer


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