Cory Chase in Beat Off The Bully


Mrs. Cory Chase doesn’t like the neighborhood bully. This dude bullys her son — while Cory watches! The “web’s number one step mom” has decided the bullying must end! Long story short? Cory and the bully are in the front room. His pants are around his ankles and Cory’s half-naked. Bully thinks he’s gonna get it all, but you’re about to watch how a hot, sexy “coog” / MILF takes care of a bully. One way?  Tease and denial. Another way? Edging. Or “Mrs. Chase is going to allow you to cum when Mrs. Chase knows the bullying has ceased!” Mrs. Chase will finish the job, but not until her son’s Bully says the bullying has come to an end. What’s more shocking than a mom jerking off her son’s bully? The end of this video, of course! Listen to Cory reveal her own, real motives as to why she’s jerking off a man half her own age!


Product Description

Blonde MILF Cory Chase stars in this P.O.V. hand job video called Beat Off the Bully. Sure, the content might be shocking to some, but that’s how the web’s number 1 stepmom-next-door rolls!

There’s a reason why Cory Chase is so popular. After you download Beat Off the Bully, you’ll realize why, too. This video actually kicks off with Cory’s hands already wrapped around her son’s tormentor! Cory is “torturing” him. “It might feel good at first,” Cory reminds him, “but by the time I’m through with you, you’re going to beg me to let you release!” Then, Cory spits on his boner. What an amazing opener! Cory massages the bully’s balls, talking dirty all through the intro. In fact, Cory talks through the whole video!

The Handjob Play-By-Play

Three minutes in, Cory’s peeling off her top. Cory’s big, fake mom tits are about to bust out of her pretty, silky bra. Doesn’t take too long before her big, gorgeous tits are out, too! Bet you wouldn’t mind being “tortured” like this! Which is about the time Cory starts in with the tit fucking. My favorite part might be when Cory turns the bully’s rock-hard boner into a baseball bat, smacking her bit tits like she’s trying to put one out of the ball park! How could this scene get any better? I mean, other than the fact Cory’s reminding you about her wedding ring and how it’s rubbing again another man’s cock!

The answer is simple. It gets better when Cory shows off her sexy body. Then, Cory sits in the bully’s lap! It’s time to grind. Then, it’s time to get naked. I can smell Cory’s perfectly-trimmed snatch from here! More tittyfucking. More teasing. More dirty, filthy language before Cory finishes the job for a big, messy facial. What could possibly be left? Cory’s sexy confession: she’s a cum whore that simply wanted to drain the bully’s balls so she could masturbate in his cum!

Here’s some stats for Beat Off the Bully:

  • 23:00 minutes long
  • P.O.V. hand job video
  • Cory finishing the job for a facial!


You can only download this clip in 4K UHD here! Once you download it, Beat Off the Bully is yours! Here’s some more great clips you’ll love to watch!

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