Karlee Grey in Big Pop for Slutty


Karlee Grey. What a piece of ass. Just a beautiful girl who’s made her way to Porn Valley in order to make it Big. Speaking of big, how about those big, beautiful, nearly-perfect naturals? For me, it’s a toss-up between those fun bags and her perfectly trimmed cunt. It’s the two-finger landing strip, which makes me so much more happy than a cleanly-shaven cunt. Bald cunts are so 2006! Did I forget to mention the wad Karlee pulled from Stunt Cock’s balls? One thing’s for sure — I’m sending Stunt Cock the steam cleaning bill for my sofa! Oh wait! Karlee’s already on clean-up duty…with her tongue!


Product Description

Karlee Grey is very slutty, and today she pulls a big pop from Stunt Cock that goes all over the place. She’s a beautiful brunette with big tits that are 100% natural. Her cunt is beautifully trimmed, and her ass is near perfect. Stunt Cock came to set with a 3-day back-up, and with Karlee’s pussy teasing and helping hands, Stunt Cock unloaded on her face…and the sofa! The good thing about having Karlee on set is she cleans her messes up, and she does it with her tongue.

  • Clip Length: 16:49
  • Sex Act: Handjob
  • Money Shot: Facial

Big Pop for Slutty Trailer


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