Lulu Chu in A Handy Break-up!


Oh Lulu Chu and her “daddy issues”!! Lulu loves older men. Especially authoritarian figures…like teachers. Managers. Bosses. In case you didn’t know it, Lulu’s been banging her English teacher, but there’s a problem. Lulu’s just got engaged, and today’s the day she’s breaking the news to her teacher “daddy”. Lulu’s gotta tell him…but Lulu’s isn’t going to blue ball him, either. He’ll get to nut…but not in her tight, little pink cunt. Lulu will use her cunt to tease him a little…give him one, last taste, so to speak. Lulu admits it’s a little weird to see her engagement ring rubbing up on another man’s dick…but hey, Lulu’s a freak!


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Once you watch the trailer and check out Lulu Chu in this hand job video A Handy Break-Up, you’re going to download this video immediately. In 4K UHD! It’s that good.

If you’re a fan of the fetish flicks, this one’s for you. Barely-legal Lulu’s star is only rising, and even though she’s just at the beginning of her career, Lulu’s J.O.E. / J.O.I. is off the hook. The cheating aspect in this clip is spot on, and it’s fun to watch Lulu lie to her fiancé in order to get the dick. It kicks off with some super hot J.O.I. at the 2:45 mark. How how is it watching Lulu deliver J.O.I. with her beautiful little cunt hanging out of her panties?! And the long white boots being pulled slowly off for the foot reveal?! If you’re a foot fan…wow. Just wow.

Lulu crawls over to Mr. POV at the 6:50 mark, delivering the “good news” and the “bad news”, which is the same news: Lulu’s engaged, so she’s ending it…but not before stroking off Mr. POV and letting him nut. Lulu’s gonna even push it in her tight, tight little cunt for a stroke. You know, to build up the load as well as to let him have one last taste of what he’s no longer going to be able to have. There’s the phone call, the engagement ring talk “I can’t believe I’m jerking you off with my engagement ring on!”, as well as some phenomenal ass teases. It’s a terrific clip and one that definitely belongs in your library.

  • 21:59 of hot hand job action with tons of dirty talk and heavy teasing
  • Lulu finished the job into her hand for cum play / cum tasting!
  • And plenty of cheating talk with a phone call from her man!

Lulu Chu “A Handy Break Up” free Video trailer!


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