Lizz Tayler in A Load for Lizz


Lizz Tayler. She’s a great performer. She’s hot as fuck. Her tits? Look at the perfection for yourself. She’s the farthest thing from a cum dodger. You’re going to love this girl. By the way, one other thing: she loves her work. She really loves her work. She loves porn. She loves the valley. She loves her fans, too. Lizz Tayler is the performer for you, and she’s available in A Load For Lizz, in high definition, and mobile, full-length on demand clips. What else is there to say? Grab this one as quickly as possible, and get totally hot while Lizz Tayler grabs your cock and gives you an incredible hand job. You’re welcome!


Product Description

Are you ready to give a load for Lizz? Lizz Tayler is a total cum slut, and she really wants yours. What reason could you have not to give it to her? If you’re not a fan yet, you will be. After you watch this full-length porn scene, you might be one of her biggest admirers. By the way, she loves her fans. She also loves porn, too, which is why this scene is so good.

Lizz Tayler is the real deal and she’s absolutely stunning. Just check out how sexy Lizz is, with her big natural tits, and her tight shaved pussy. With a slut like Lizz, there will be no cum dodging—she loves the facial. Check out the pussy tease too! Damn her tits are big. This one is H-O-T.  And there’s plenty of J-O-E—dirty talk. Don’t resist! Just let Lizz Tayler take control and give a load for Lizz. It’s the right thing to do.

  • 16:04 full-length clip
  • Sexy hand job action
  • Finished with a facial

A Load for Lizz Trailer


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