Lyra Lockhart Dirty-up Naughty Girl’s Glasses!


Lyra Lockhart is a self-proclaimed “nerdy girl”, who “studies too much.” She’s a freshman at a big university, and she’s always worried about her grades. What’s got Lyra even more freaked out? James Joyce, of course. She’s a science nerd, and English classes have always challenged her; however, Lyra needs an undergrad literature class to graduate.

Lyra’s also one of those “sluts on the D.L”! D.L., of course, means “down low”. Lyra might not dress like a slut — nor act like one. But she loves sex, probably too much…so Lyra will suck off just about anyone. Especially when she’s stressing out over James Joyce! Listen in as Lyra tells you a little bit about a reoccurring fantasy, and then, watch her live it out!


Product Description

Lyra Lockhart is a Naughty Girl, and you’re about to watch the slut dirty-up her glasses with a big cum load. You know the old saying, “boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”? Lyra replies with, “agree to disagree. Guys hit on my at my college all the time! That’s right, Lyra is a college student, and she’s taking porn gigs on the side to avoid that pesky student load debt. Just read a recent tweet: @LyraLockart: “Daylight savings right now just means an extra hour of studying for me!”

First off, the BTS interview is a little over 26 minutes in length. It’s a typical Billy Watson interview, which means it’s more interesting than 95% of the BTS interviews out there. He goes over her life, in a nutshell, as well as her college studies, likes and dislikes, and overall it’s pretty darn good.

Next up, the really, really good stuff: Dirty-up Naughty Girl’s Glasses is a little over 17 minutes long, and it opens with a voice-over from Lyra complaining about the author she’s reading for a college class. It’s James Joyce, and if you know anything about Joyce, the humor is actually kinda funny. The sexy part, though, is watching Lyra’s near-perfect all-natural tits pop out of her top as she stresses over the reading assignment.

Following the tease, Lyra’s online hook-up enters the video, sitting across the room as Lyra winds down her tease. She crawls over and starts warming up his cock, cooing to “make it grow”. It does, rapidly, and the blow job action is on! Lyra is a petite brunette with better-than-average cock sucking skills. She’s really dirty, too, cause at the 12 minute mark, Lyra’s got her tongue buried in dude’s asshole.

Other great moments for Dirty-up Naughty Girl’s Glasses? Besides the hot asshole tonguing, at 7:45 Lyra pulls out the oil to lather up her tits for an excellent tit fucking session; there’s some great ass grinding as well…but it’s the facial money shot that really makes this video excel: it’s big, it’s thick and white, and it absolutely coats her glasses. What’s a naughty girl to do but clean them up using her slutty tongue? Add this video to your cart. You won’t be sorry.

  • Video length 17:12.
  • Lyra’s beautiful tits!
  • Great pop shot all over face and glasses!

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