Mia Kay & Rory Knox in Jerkin’ for the Nightshift!


You’d think managing a strip joint would be a dream job. Think again. In addition to the flaky girls and sometimes-unruly customers, you’ve got the girls who fight for the coveted shifts. You know. The Nightshifts. Especially Friday and Saturday nights. Enter Mia Kay and Rory Knox. Both good strippers. Both day girls. But your club is buzzing with strippers talking about the weekend nightshift that just opened, and Mia and Rory have come to your office plead their case with you. 1 night spot. 2 girls. What starts as a friendly meeting turns into a “one-upmanship” (two-handsmanship?) between Rory and Mia, ending in both girls winning the gig. You’ll see why when this “meeting” is all said and done! @RoryRoryKnox & @MissMiaKayXXX on Twitter!!


Product Description

Billy Watson here with a new one! Mia Kay and Rory Knox are two slutty strippers who are Jerkin’ for the Nightshift! That’s right, this little cumpetition is between Mia and Rory, and you’re in between! Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for you, there’s only one slot available and they both want it. Watch these two girls fight over your cock, and the nightshift, the best way they know how: by coaxing a thick load with their petite little hands and natural tits. That’s right! Plenty of tit-fucking and dirty talk in this VOD! Maybe both of them can show you why they should get the job? Grab the full-length clip now: my members love it, and you will too!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 19:17 minutes long!
  • Two girls hand job VOD
  • Cum shot facial ending

Jerkin’ for the Nightshift Trailer


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