Skylar Vox in Skylar’s Champagne Room


You gotta love the strippers. I know I do. A lot of sex workers have different jobs within the sex industry: if they’re not stripping, they’re camming; if they’re not camming, they’re on a porno set; if they’re not on set, they’re creating their own content for various platforms like OnlyFans and SnapChat. Or stripping! Enter Skylar Vox. Skylar’s busy doing all the above, but she started her career as a sex worker Workin’ The Pole. As in the Stripper Pole. And Skylar Vox loves being a stripper. Just FYI, Skylar as performed scenes as Dylann Vox (note the two “n’s”), and her twitter account was recently deleted. She’s not a fan and probably won’t start a new one. Oh well! On a good note, her performance here was spot on (Skylar really loves working in her Champagne Room back home), and Mr. POV loved her performance, too. You can tell by the look on Skylar’s face after it was all said and done!


Product Description

When Skylar Vox is in her Champagne Room, all bets are off. It’s that simple. Skylar Vox, who started her career as Dylann Vox, is a Miami-based porn star…and stripper! That makes this scene “real”, in the sense that when director Billy Watson sat down with Skylar to discuss it, they both decided to do their best to keep it just that. Real. From the wardrobe they picked before Billy starting rolling his camera, to the scenario Skylar thought up, “Skylar’s Champagne Room” is truly a collaborative effort. Here’s Billy’s take on Skylar:

The first time I laid eyes on Skylar Voxx, casting her was a no-brainer. I mean…look at her. She’s a natural beauty. I was shocked her PornHub ranking wasn’t higher, but since I’ve shot this scene, it’s skyrocketed. Nothing to be surprised about. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Skylar three more times since, and every time is just great. I plan to have her back on set many more times.

Here’s the low-down on the scene, stroke by stroke: the first three minutes feature a solo Skylar, teasing the fuck out of the camera. Her tiny, tiny “work uniform”, barely covers her trimmed little bush and big, all-naturals. At one point, her beautiful titties bounce right out of her top! Then it’s time to crawl over to where her “customer”, Mr. POV, is sitting. His cock is already hard, and even though this is a hand job scene, Skyler sticks his dong right in her mouth. It’s just a tease, of course. Then, she goes to work with her petite hands, fist pumping cock and massaging his sperm-engorged balls until Mr. POV’s boner is throbbing.

This is when round two of the tease begins. At 7:10, Skylar’s top comes off. “I want to feel this right in between my big, natural titties!” Skylar coos, and the tit fucking is on. She uses Mr. POV’s cock like a bat, smacking her DD’s as well. Her moans during this just about put me over the edge.

What’s a Champagne Room without a lap dance? You know where this is going! It doesn’t take long for Skylar’s bottoms to come off, all the while she “J.O.E.’s” to the camera. Her trimmed cunt is superb, but the best is yet to come!

“Maybe I should give you a little taste of my cunt!” Skylar says, as she slides it in. The dick takes her breath away for a second, and then Skylars grinds some more. “That’s what you get when you come into my Champagne Room!”

If that didn’t make you lose your nut, the pop shot will. Skylar’s on her knees, looking directly into the camera, as she strokes dick. Her beautiful boobs bounce the entire time. Mr. POV unloads a mighty wad, covering Skylar’s beautiful face in a thick coat of cum.

Skylar’s Champagne Room Official Trailer


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