Alison Tyler in Alison the Amazon


Alison Tyler is a request, and we are delivering! This woman is six feet tall. She’s got all natural D’s, and her ass? Won’t quit. She’s so girl-next-door it’s crazy. Alison is the kind of girl you’d take drinking with the boys. But you might want to be a little protective, because Alison’s the kind of girl who loves doing porn. There’s nothing better for Alison than to get off from the men in front of her pleasuring themselves. She’s a teaser, and a pleaser, so you know you gotta get this clip. It’s gonna be a good one.


Product Description

Alison Tyler is Alison the Amazon, and what we mean by that, is she’s tall. She’s a tall girl next door who knows exactly what she wants, and she loves doing porn. She’s great at dirty talk. She’s got big tits. Miss Tyler’s incredible at hand jobs. What can’t she do? To top it all off, she’s even here as a request from you! You know that means this scene is going to rock your world. Just let those natural tits wrap around your cock, and enjoy that shaved pussy. If you’re looking to try out a new performer who can really make you cum, don’t look any further than the Amazon!

  • 18:07 of Alison The Amazon
  • Hot and heavy hand job action
  • Facial of messy cum

Alison The Amazon Trailer


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