Dakota Skye Swallows Cum in The Banana Eater


Dakota Skye is one sexy little firecracker. Might sound a little cliche, I know…just as cliche as having a petite little sex pot like Dakota eat a banana before she blows you. But hey, this is a cheezy porno flick, right? Wrong. Dakota takes every scene she appears in very seriously. Dakota takes sucking cock very seriously, too. Dakota’s Head Game is insane. Just look how what little whore works your cock. With enthusiasm. With grace. With skill. Her little cunt is so wet her only answer is to jump on The D and grind one out!! Sure, you were expecting a blowjob, but with everything else that is Dakota Skye, you get so much more. That cunt is tight, too. Now open wide, Slutty! Time to put something besides a banana into your tummy!


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Dakota Skye is amazing, and you’re going to love this swallow video called “The Banana Eater”! The folks over at PornHub write, “Dakota Skye may be a short little piece of ass, barely reaching 5 feet in height, but in that compact body is one hell of a horny fuck star”, and you know what? They’re right. Not only is Dakota Skye a spectacular piece of ass, she’s an awesome performer! Before I get into this scene, we spoke to Billy Watson, the director of this clip:

I remember the first time I met Dakota. She had just flown into Porn Valley from Florida, and she was eager not only to do well on my set, but to become a bonafide Porn Star. Since that day, I’ve probably shot Dakota 20 times, and she’s always been great. Dakota’s eager to please, and it goes way beyond doing a great job on my sets: she wants to please her co-stars, and, most important to Dakota are her fans. She always wants to deliver the best she’s got for them! In “The Banana Eater”, we worked together (along with Mr. POV) and the scene turned out great. Dakota was thrilled! We all were!

So let’s take a look at the Dakota Skye blowjob scene, “The Banana Eater”, which, by the way, is a swallow scene. From the opening and up through minute 3 it’s the tease, and it’s Dakota at the top of her game. Sure, it’s a little corny too, but there’s something hot about the food play / food fetish that sets up this tease. She’s eyeing the fuck out of the camera and not saying much… just some light moans and giggles. She pulls her top off and announces, “I wanna suck your cock”, and yea… it’s boner time! She almost immediately drops “The C Word” (cunt), which is way fucking hot!

Dakota pulls out Mr. POV’s cock about 3:15, and she doesn’t fuck around. Dakota jumps on the dick and goes to town. “I’m such a dirty little slut, and I love sucking cock sooo much!” There’s no interaction between Mr. POV and Dakota: it’s pure Dakota Skye, looking directly into the camera and talking to you as if you were Mr. POV! “You like when I choke on it, don’t you? My cunt is so fucking wet!” Yes Dakota, I like it!

After about 5 minutes of extremely enthusiastic cock sucking, Dakota announces she wants to be a good little slut and slide it into her cunt. Insertion comes at the 8:35 mark, and man… can Dakota work a cock! This little whore makes it happen. I dunno how Mr. POV—or any of these guys for that matter—can hold out as long as they do fucking these models. Especially Dakota Skye! She’s always been a favorite!

Dakota jumps off in order to taste her cunt, and then she goes to work. Like almost all over Billy Watson’s work from Day 1, there’s no self-strokers. It’s 100% Dakota Skye working for that load. She drains Mr. POV’s balls directly into her eager, open mouth. It’s a swallow, then some cum play before she cleans the rest from her face to eat up as well. A great clip!

The Banana Eater Trailer


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