Dani Diaz in Mi Maestro de Ingles!


You’ve been teaching barely-legal 18 year old Dani Diaz for over a year now, and lately the tutoring sessions have been getting… interesting. It was unexpected, but Dani started showing up dressing more provocatively. Sheer, see-through tops with no bra. Short-short cut-offs. Super tiny mini skirts, and sometimes ditching the panties. (Dani made sure to make it obvious.) Then, something big: Dani, dropped down to her knees at the start of class, told you to stop teaching, and told you this: Dani really knew how to speak English. In fact, Dani has a crush on you and wanted to get closer. She’s tired of waiting and in a few seconds she’s going to be giving you a handie. Maybe some pussy-rubbing-dick teasing, as well. You are, after all, Dani’s favorite tutor!


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You’ve been barely-legal 18 year old Dani Diaz’s tutor for over a year now, and lately the tutoring sessions have been getting more and more interesting. Latina Dani started showing up to class dressing in less and less revealing more and more of her petite body and tattoos. You know, see through tops to show off her natural tits, shorter and shorter cut-offs teasing her butt. She even showed up at times with no panties on showing off her shaved cunt. (She made sure to make it obvious she wasn’t wearing any!) After some time has passed, Dani has a confession to make. Exotic Dani knows how to speak English, fluently. She used this opportunity to get closer to you because she has a crush on you!

Brunette Dani pleaded that she’s tired of waiting, and in a few seconds she’s going to be giving you a JOE. Waiting for over a year, Dani wants to get in to the action by tit fucking you. But, that isn’t it for the amateur. Far from it.

Dani Diaz Has A Crush On Her Tutor

In this full-length 19:47 movie from Manojob, Dani Diaz has revealed to you, her tutor, that she has had a crush on your for over a year now, and she’s tired of waiting for much longer. She wants to tease you with her pussy, and finish you off by unloading your huge load with a facial!

  • Full-Length 19:47 VOD
  • Amazing JOE
  • Huge Facial Finish

Mi Maestro de Ingles! Trailer

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